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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much maintenance is involved with a water garden?
Answer: Nature Coast Aquascape installs the lowest maintenance water garden available. The average water garden requires only 5 to 10 minutes per month for maintenance. With our years of experience, we are able to design and install a water garden that works with Mother Nature, not against her.
2. How long can I expect my water garden to last?
Answer: Water gardens installed by Nature Coast Aquascape should offer 20 years plus of enjoyment. At Nature Coast Aquascape we use a 45 mil EPDM liner which has a 20 year guarantee against any UV breakdown. The filters we use are made of polyethylene and will not crack, break or develop leaks. We have many pumps to choose from, with life expectancies of three to five years. The rocks we use are real River rock from North Carolina and other Northern states.
3. Will I need fish in my water garden?
Answer: Yes, fish are needed to complete the ecosystem. It is estimated that 20% of Nature Coast Aquascape’s ecosystem is relying on the fish. Fish will fertilize the plants for you and also, because of there natural instinct to search for food on the bottom, they are constantly cleaning the gravel in your garden dropping the particles of dirt between the rocks.
4. Will I need to protect my fish?
Answer: In most circumstances, trying to protect your fish is not necessary. It is more important to try to create a proper habitat that your fish can survive and repopulate any fish taken by predators. Occasionally, Nature Coast Aquascape gets a customer that invests a lot of money in Koi fish and would rather not allow predators to take them. In those circumstances there are nets that may be placed over the water garden to protect the fish.
5. Will my water garden increase the mosquito population on my property?
Answer; No, although it is true mosquitoes lay there eggs in water, the larvae must have stagnant water in order to develop. Nature Coast Aquascape will design your water garden so there will be full circulation of water through the pump and the filters this does not offer the right habitat for mosquito development.
6. What should I do with my fish and plants in the wintertime?
Answer: Here in central Florida, Nature Coast Aquascape recommends doing nothing with your fish and plants. Most plants will go dormant or semi dormant in the winter months, but should start growing again when the water temperature reaches 60 to 70°. Your fish are cold-blooded, and therefore their body temperature is the same as the water temperature. In other words, they do not know it’s cold. Because their metabolism slows down, it is recommended not to feed your fish when the water temperature drops below 55°.
7. What size water garden should I build?
Answer: The answer to this question is based on the size of your yard and the budget you’re trying to work with. The fact is, most homeowners will find new plants of interest or beautiful fish in their travels and want to add them to there water garden. It is important to understand, because of these facts, a national study shows that the average water garden enthusiast invested in three water gardens before reaching the size they eventually were happy with. Keep this in mind when trying to decide on a size. Nature Coast Aquascape will help you decide on the perfect size water garden.
8. When is the best time to have my water garden installed?
Answer: Unlike the northern states Florida soil never freezes; therefore Nature Coast Aquascape installs water gardens year-round.
9. Will I need to keep the pumps running 24 hours a day?
Answer: Yes, because this is a natural ecosystem, and requires changes to be done very slowly. Turning off the pumps for an extended period of time deprives beneficial bacteria of needed oxygen. The need to run your pump 24 hours a day is why Nature Coast Aquascape only installs high efficient pumps in their water garden. Electricity cost for the average water garden is only $12-$15 per month.
10. How often will I need to clean my filters?
Answer: The average water garden installed by Nature Coast Aquascape requires the filters to be cleaned once a year. We recommend having this done in the spring of the year. This allows the aquatic plants to be divided and replanted at the same time, giving them plenty of time to get established before winter.
11. How much do I feed my fish?
Answer: Nature Coast Aquascape creates a natural ecosystem, feeding your fish is not required, unless your fish become overpopulated. This allows you to go on vacation without relying on a neighbor to feed your fish. You may choose to feed your fish, this interaction with the fish is very enjoyable, in which case Nature Coast Aquascape recommends feeding once a day, and only what the fish can eat up within five minutes. It is also recommended to remove any uneaten Fish food which remains in the water garden for more than five minutes.


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