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Pondless (Disappearing) Waterfall Design & Installation

If you want a waterfall but are not sure about having the whole ecosystem that goes with a pond or are worried about small children falling in a pond, we recommend the Pondless Waterfalls, sometimes called a rock column fountain. These special Pondless Waterfall systems still give you the sound of a waterfall, rocks, gravel, and aquatic plants, but there are no fish or water deeper than an inch or two! That's why we call it Pondless!

Pondless (also referred to as Disappearing) waterfall systems are perfect for schools, businesses and people who travel frequently, have young children or limited space and want a front yard water feature. It's called a disappearing Pondless waterfall because the water does not form a pool but instead disappears into an underground Pondless reservoir beneath the rock and gravel.

The team at Nature Coast Aquascape are experts at designing, building and installing Pondless waterfalls. This system works by having the water pumped up to the waterfall or rock fountain, and then disappears into the Pondless basin, which contains the pump vault and pump. Pondless waterfalls can also have a stream incorporated into the design for additional character. The modular equipment in the Pondless waterfall unit under the rocks and gravel are very strong, in fact more than five adults can stand on it. So you don’t have to worry about yourself or anyone else falling through it.

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