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About Water Gardens and Ponds

Why is waterfront property on the beach or lake so much higher that a regular home? The answer is simple. Water. Water is the key to life and it is the key to tranquility. The ability of liquid water to conform to any shape has intrigued man for millennia. Where ever water exists, a lake or river, there is always a rich abundance of life in the form of lush plants and flowers, birds and bees pollinating, a cycle of life as water bubbles over the polished rocks.

Whether it is the melodic sound of waves at the beach or a babbling brook, people have been drawn to the calming sensation it offers since the beginning of time. Unfortunately, everyone cannot live near the natural wonders of water. But, you can bring it to you with a water garden. Water gardens and aquascapes allow you to reproduce the natural effects of running water in almost any environment, so you can enjoy this relaxation anytime. Why not escape the stressful, fast paced modern world by enjoying a place of peace in your own backyard.

A professionally installed water garden can provide years of relaxing entertainment with a low investment in maintenance.

There are nine major components necessary to maintain a proper aquatic eco-system.

Skimmer - We use a low maintenance skimmer with overflow design and optional accurate pond level fill valve. This allows for exact water level control eliminating pond edge erosion. These skimmers are designed to hide the ponds mechanics and reduce maintenance.

Underlayments - A soft, woven underlayment padding is easy to install covering all vertical areas and providing a more professional appearance. This type of underlayment also allows developing gasses to escape.

Rocks and Gravel - Adding rocks and gravel to your liner will reduce maintenance and the need for many chemicals as well as creating a more natural look. Naturally occurring bacteria will form on the surface areas of the rocks and will break down the fish waste and other organic material. The rocks also protect the liner from the sun’s harmful rays extending the life of the liner.

Bacteria - Bacteria are essential as it keeps the environment in balance by naturally breaking down algae that develops in the water.

Plants - Marginal plants rooted directly into the gravel of the pond will also help clean the water by using the pond nutrients to grow and release oxygen into the water for the fish which completes the natural eco-system.

Plant Pockets - Aesthetically plant pockets are more desirable than potted plants in your water garden but they also promote healthy root development. Potted plants can quickly become root bound, with plant pockets roots can spread through the surrounding gravel.

Liners - A thick strong rubber liner is the best choice for pond installations. It is less expensive and easier to install than concrete and when installed properly can have a 40-year life span. A rubber liner is also easily patched in the unlikely event of a leak.

BioFalls - A revolutionary biological filter that when installed becomes a waterfall. This camouflaged unit with various filtration units including three pads, bags of lava rocks and an area for floating marginal plants is very effective at filtering the water. This leak proof unit will never crack like some fiberglass units.

Fish - Koi and Goldfish can thrive and even breed in water gardens as shallow as only two feet. The fish serve as a natural mosquito defense as they eat the larvae before they have a chance to develop and fly away.


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